The Alabama Chapter of the Government Management Information Sciences is continually striving to better serve the public and governmental agencies by sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of Information Technology.  Alabama GMIS provides a forum for Government IT leaders across the State for the exchange of ideas, information, and techniques.  Our mission is to foster the exchange of ideas and resources in an effort to promote effective solutions in hardware, software and communication relating to government activities.


The Alabama chapter of GMIS has been a proud member of GMIS International for 30+ years.  Membership in GMIS is open to public sector agencies at any level of government (federal, state, county, city, etc.) including schools (K-12, community college and university) and special districts.  Any agency wishing to join the Alabama chapter of GMIS is encouraged to maintain an active membership with GMIS International.


Who should join?  Government CIOs, Technology Directors, IT Administrators, Public Sector IT Professionals, etc.  Become a Member today!


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